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Shrink Wrapping Machine


Shrink Wrapping Machine is one of the advanced packaging ways in the internationals market at present. it adopts shrink film to products or being packed articles, and then to heat the shrink packing material and tightening products or being packed articles, so that the appearance of the articles is shown fully. So that the articles can be put well on display and which may also increase their beauty and value. Besides the packed articles can be sealed, damp proof, dust proof and protect themselves from outside shock and thus have the better functions. Especially, for packing glasswares, this can prevent household utensils from scatting when they are broken. In addition, this way can decrease the torn and stolen possibility of the products. As the shrink film shrinks, some pressure can be created to tighten a group of packed articles together and trays so this product can be used widely for shrinking all kinds of shrink packing material.